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Report: Politician Influence in Social Media in 2019

We have analyzed over 140,000 posts / tweets and over 20 million reactions from our lists of Swedish national politicians on Facebook and Twitter. The analysis covers the full year 2019. There are a lot of interesting conclusions in this analysis, for example:

  • The Swedish Democrats dominate largely in influences on Facebook (Facebook pages).
  • 98% of SD's total influence during the year can be attributed to the party or party leader's Facebook page.
  • The Social Democrats have the largest spread regarding influenza from Facebook pages excluding the party's top page and the party leader's page, 52% of their influenza comes from other Facebook pages.
  • Jonas Sjöstedt's departure as party leader for the Left Party could potentially be a challenge for the party given that 48% of total influence for the Left Party in 2019 is attributable to Jonas Facebook page.
  • The Christian Democrats increased the number of likes for the party's Facebook page by over 25% in 2019, the largest percentage growth of all parties.
  • The environmental party the Greens and the Center Party have dropped gum marks on their respective Facebook pages in 2019.
  • Of the party leaders, Nyamko Sabuni had the greatest percentage growth of guillemarks during 2019, even though she only participated in the measurements from 2019-07-03, however, she has relatively few guillemarks on her Facebook page.
  • Twitter accounts with party affiliation M predominate in influencing Twitter.
  • Hanif Bali was the one that generated the most number of reactions during 2019 on Twitter, Jimmie Åkesson has the largest number of reactions per tweet.

Full report possible to download below.

Selection of images from the report below, click on images to enlarge.

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