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Report: Influence in social media during the Almedals Week 2019

Bumblewing was in place during the Almedals Week in Visby in 2019. As the primary basis for the analysis of influenza during the Almedals week if we did, we had two lists that we put together. On one list, we had 479 Facebook pages that in some way had direct links to Almedalen and on the other list we had 971 Twitter accounts with direct links to Almedalen.

The analysis was partly done broadly to see which posts with direct connection to the Almedalen (mentioned Almedalen in the text or had with the #almedalen) which had the greatest influence. We also analyzed which of the pages / accounts on the various lists had the greatest influence overall and that we analyzed to see how many mentions the political parties received. The analysis was done day by day and with a summary for the whole week. All pictures from the weekly compilation as well as pictures from the respective day are available below. Click on the respective image to see an enlargement.

Some interesting conclusions from the analysis in the selection below:

  • Among the posts that had the biggest influenza during the week were particularly noticeable the discussion about shootings in Sweden, the introduction of the smoking ban, Ebba Bush Thor's meeting with Jimmie Åkesson, the costs of the Almedalen for the taxpayers and also the posts of several influencers who told about and when it would come to the Almedalen .
  • 7 of the top 12 posts throughout the week were Instagram posts. 5 out of 12 came from Facebook pages. The tweets do not strike out as individual tweets when compared to individual posts on Facebook and Instagram. Twitter as a channel requires greater frequency to create great total influence.
  • Significantly higher proportion of individuals on the top list of the highest-impact Twitter accounts during the week. Opposite results regarding Facebook pages, significantly more companies / organizations are included in the top list of Facebook pages.
  • When it comes to the number of mentions in social media, each party peaked on their respective days during the Almedals week.
  • Most mention of his day was given to the Moderates, whose day was Monday in Almedalen.
  • Overall, the Moderates received the most mention in social media during the Almedals Week, while the Social Democrats received the most total number of reactions to their mentions.
  • Tuesday was the day with the highest level of activity in social media with regard to posts with direct connection to Almedalen (mentioned Almedalen in the text or used #almedalen), this applied to both Twitter and Facebook.

Compilation for the whole week.

Sunday, June 26th

Monday, July 1st

Tuesday, July 2

Wednesday, July 3rd

Thursday, July 4th

Friday, July 5

Saturday July 6th

Sunday July 7th

Bumblewing had a collaboration with Dagens Opinon during the Almedals week and we broadcast live together in the mornings and where our special role was to comment on social media activities from the previous day. Embedded movie below is an example from the broadcast on Thursday, July 4th.

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