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Report: Influence in social media during Almedals week 2018

Bumblewing was present in Visby throughout the Almedal week and the week in honor we had put together the Almedal peak. There were two lists, one for Facebook pages (375 pieces) and one for Twitter accounts (735 pieces), specially selected to represent individuals, companies and organizations that were present during the week or those who had significant impact on the week.

Now we have compiled all data from these two lists specifically for the period 1st to 8th of July and publish it as a report. The report is based on all the posts made by pages / accounts during the Almedals week, a total of 4,132 posts on Facebook and 19,125 tweets on Twitter.

You will find the report in its entirety here.

Below you will find a small selection of pictures from the report.

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