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It is now possible to buy subscriptions to Bumblewing's listings directly from the site. The price varies between the different lists, but the price always appears. The subscription is renewed automatically, but you can of course cancel at any time. When you subscribe you get direct access to the list and an invoice is sent via email, the invoice must be paid in 10 days. Invoices and active subscriptions you can always see later on your account overview.

1. Select a list to subscribe to from the list overview

Start by going to the overview with the lists. From the overview you can see available lists and for each list you can read briefly about the list, see how many accounts / pages are on the list and the price for the list. If you want, you can also click on the list even if you do not have an active subscription, then you will be able to see the top 5 accounts on the list, but no more.

When you have selected the list you want to subscribe to, click on "Subscribe"

2. Confirm your subscription

An overview with all the details for your subscription is displayed. On this overview you have the opportunity to supplement with information about you as recipient / customer. Be extra careful about email address as it is this email address to which the invoice will be sent. Read through the details of the subscription and if everything looks ok then confirm the subscription by clicking on “Confirm.

3. See active subscriptions on the list overview

Immediately after confirming your subscription, you will have access to the list. On the overview you can see which lists you currently have an active subscription, which also shows the subscription end date. Subscriptions will automatically renew at this date unless subscription ends before.

4. Start using the list

Immediately after confirming your subscription, you can go to the list and see the full list. You enter the list from the overview. Click on the list you subscribed to and the entire list will be displayed. You will now see rankings of all accounts / pages included in the list. When you subscribe to a list, you also have the opportunity to see which underlying posts / tweets have generated the most influence. To see the view with posts / tweets click on "List posts".

5. Invoice will be sent to you via email

When you confirmed your subscription and gained access to the list, an invoice was also sent to the email address that was stated when you confirmed the subscription. The email is sent immediately after the subscription has been confirmed. If you do not receive an invoice via e-mail, you can also see the invoice in your account overview.

6. See subscriptions and invoices on the account overview

You can always get an overview of active subscriptions and invoices on your account overview. From this page you can also cancel a subscription. To cancel a subscription, click "Cancel" on the line that describes the subscription you want to cancel. Subscription renewal will then be canceled immediately, but active subscription will still run until the date for which the subscription is valid.

On the invoice overview you will see which invoices you have and the status of these. By clicking on “Details” you can see details for a specific invoice and have the opportunity to reprint it.

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