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Solve problems with linking Instagram account or Facebook page

First of all, follow the instructions in this post which explains what you need to do to link an Instagram account to your Bumblewing profile. If after this procedure you have problems, this also applies if you have problems linking your Facebook page to Bumblewing, well then we explain in this post what you need to do.

The probable problem is that you did not give Bumblewing permission to read the data we need to read in order to link to your Instagram accounts or Facebook page. Because you declined some of these approvals, you will never get that question again when you log in to Bumblewing via Facebook. Then you need to completely remove the connection between Bumblewing and Facebook and redo the login, but the good news is that it is simple and it obviously does not affect your Facebook account or your Bumblewing profile.

Follow these simple steps to fix the problem (shows what it looks like if you do this on your mobile, Apple / iOS):

  1. Click on the three lines at the bottom right of Facebook's mobile app.
  2. Scroll down and click on "Settings and privacy"
  3. Click on "Settings"
  4. Scroll down to the heading "Security" and click on "Business integrations"
  5. Select "Bumblewing" and click "Delete"
  6. Click "Delete" and confirm with "Done"
  7. Log out of Bumblewing and then log in again to Bumblewing with Facebook

Be sure to click through to all the Instagram accounts, Facebook pages and give all the permissions that Bumblewing asks for. This does not mean that all Instagram accounts or Facebook pages you select here are automatically linked to your Bumblewing profile, you choose later.

Then pictures that show what the different steps look like in Facebook's mobile app.


Of course, you can also do this from a computer. Then log in to Facebook, click on the arrow at the top right, select "Settings" and then "Company integrations", then you can follow the instructions above to remove Bumblewing and log in again.

Once you have logged in again, you should now have the opportunity to follow the Facebook page and / or Instagram accounts and link it to Bumblewing, you will find these choices at the bottom of your dashboard.

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