Solve problems with linking Instagram account or Facebook page

First of all, follow the instructions in this post that explain what you need to do to link an Instagram account to your Bumblewing profile. If after this procedure you have problems, this also applies if you have problems connecting your Facebook page to Bumblewing, well then we explain in this…

Connect Instagram to Bumblewing

Facebook has implemented a major technical change that affects users who want to link Instagram to their Bumblewing profile. We describe here what from now on applies to those who want to measure their influence on Instagram with the help of Bumblewing. As of March 20, 2020, it will be implemented…

Report: Politician Influence in Social Media in 2019

We have analyzed over 140,000 posts / tweets and over 20 million reactions from our lists of Swedish national politicians on Facebook and Twitter. The analysis covers the full year 2019. There are a lot of interesting conclusions in this analysis, for example: The Swedish Democrats dominate largely with regard to influences on Facebook (Facebook pages). 98% of SD's total influence during the year…

Test embedded graphics

Bumblewing makes it possible to embed graphics on another site. This page shows what it can look like. If it is of interest to do so, contact us.

Bumblewing - an introduction

to bumblewing
In this article, we go over the main features of Bumblewing. This is a great introduction for those who are curious to know more about Bumblewing, for those who have just registered or for you who have used Bumblewing for a while and want to take advantage of all the functionality available. RegistreringDashboardLeaderbordBenchmarkPostsListsAccountÖvrigtRegistreringAtt ...

Subscribe to lists

It is now possible to buy subscriptions to Bumblewing's listings directly from the site. The price varies between the different lists, but the price always appears. The subscription is renewed automatically, but you can of course cancel at any time. When you subscribe you get direct access to the list and an invoice is sent via email,…

Bumblewing performance and uptime

Performance is of utmost importance to us; We constantly monitor and try to optimize for the best possible user experience. In order to be transparent we publish some of the key metrics we look at and assess constantly. If you have any questions and / or input related to…